The first Lighthouse of Knowledge Alumni seminar was held

Feb 1, 2021

At the end of January, the first Alumni Seminar of the Lighthouse of Knowledge was held at the KAS Education Center.

The Alumni Seminar is a unique event within the Lighthouse of Knowledge project, which aims to bring together the best alumni of all generations of the project.

KAS Center provided the participants of the Lighthouse of Knowledge with a bright and bright space and completed the interactive workshops that were held as part of this event. The workshops were held by Milica Malešević, HR consultant.

In addition to numerous activities, participants in our area had the opportunity to work on strengthening capacity and improving the Lighthouse of Knowledge project.

Lighthouse of Knowledge is a project intended for high school students from 15 selected cities in Serbia, within which young people have the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills of writing and presenting projects.

You can read more about the event itself as well as the Lighthouse of Knowledge on their official website.