Easily organize your time with the ABCDE method

May 26, 2022

How often do you think you can’t achieve everything you set out to do in one day? Often we all find ourselves in a similar situation, so we share with you a little advice from great masters – the ABCDE method.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and think you have too little time to do them – sit down, take a deep breath and list all the tasks you need to do. All that is needed for this process of setting short-term priorities is paper and pencil.

How is the ABCDE method applied?

You should mark the assignments you have written in order of importance. This is what the ABCDE method is for. Write one of these letters in the margin in front of each task on the list.

  • So very important , something you have to do. Failure to do so can have serious negative consequences.
  • B means important , something you should do. This is not as important as the tasks marked A. There are only minor negative consequences if these tasks are not done.
  • C means things that are nice to do, but that are not as important as the tasks marked A and B. There are no negative consequences if you do not do these tasks.
  • D means to delegate . You can assign this task to someone else who can do it for you.
  • E means eliminate , whenever possible. You should eliminate any activity you can to free up your time.

When using the ABCDE method you can very easily sort tasks by importance. In this way, you will focus your attention on the items on the list that are most important to you.

At the end of the day, it is always easier when you know that you have achieved everything you set out to do, and with this practical advice, we believe that organizing your time will be even easier.

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