ASKademy of Hedonism

The concept of ASKademy of Hedonism focuses on learning and practicing the art of enjoyment
life, with an emphasis on enjoyment through the consumption of quality beverages, coffee, alcoholic beverages and
natural, hand-processed tobacco. The idea is that the participants of this academy raise their level of knowledge and
awareness of certain products and the way they are consumed, in order to appreciate them more but also
maximized their pleasure in everyday life, but without renouncing their morals

Find out the answers to many interesting questions:
What are the best Serbian wines and what characterizes them?
– What is the difference between whiskey and bourbon; what is american whiskey?
– What makes the most expensive brandy in Serbia; What are the key secrets of the manufacturer?
– Coffee: Arabica or Robusta; which flavor do you like best and why?

The goal of the ASK Academy of Hedonism is based on the aspiration to create a community of educated connoisseurs
who will together spread the artistic principle of enjoying life and their favorite products, learn
from each other and exchange acquired knowledge. Academy participants also have the opportunity to
participate in events and experiences that support their hedonistic approach to life, yes
they taste the products and discuss their characteristics and thus build their taste and
attitudes. The final – special event that will crown each cycle of the Academy of Hedonism
will cover the following topics: Cigars and Cocktails. This special event is held in the open part of the ASK terrace
center, with a beautiful view of Belgrade rooftops.

ASKademia hedonism can be an interesting and diverse team building program, or a component
part of such a program, accordingly we can create special courses for companies and theirs
employees, in the form of a package of workshops on various topics. In addition, we can also organize special ones
event, in the area of ​​the ASK Center, for companies and groups, which would provide a combination of enjoyment and education.
Strengthening team spirit with socializing and consumption of the best selection of drinks with top educators,
it’s a great way to offer employees different team building content. These can be rights
thing for your company!

The ultimate goal of the Academy of Hedonism is to provide all participants with the knowledge to find
satisfaction and happiness in the part of life that refers to the enjoyment of coffee, natural tobacco and
alcoholic drink, in a way that does not harm other people and society as a whole.
The academy’s program is organized by top experts and the best educators in Serbia, who have been for a long time
time affirm the enjoyment of food, drink and natural tobacco.
The Academy consists of several thematic areas, divided by product groups, and we apply
modular principle in order to provide interested participants with a relaxed model that works by
to the “attend as much as you like” system. This means that each workshop has a special theme, no matter what it is done
about wine, whiskey, brandy, etc., and those interested can register for each thematic workshop

The basic topics that are the subject of familiarization with the tasting are:
Food and wine pairing
The tradition of Serbian brandy
The world of whiskey and bourbon
Sensory map of coffee

Each theme will have different variations, change of labels and manufacturers as well as thematic additions, how
we would provide the participants with the widest possible spectrum of knowledge.
Participants will get the opportunity to raise their level of knowledge and awareness about certain products and methods
their consumption, in order to appreciate and fully enjoy their consumption.
Note: hedonism should not be interpreted at the expense of other people, and we insist on the principle
respect for moral values ​​as well as valid state laws concerning the person responsible
consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

ASKademia hedonism conducts workshops in the beautiful hall of the ASK Education Center, which in its
in an airy and spacious environment, it can host groups of up to 20 people, while in a cinema setting
capacity is up to 60 people. The hall has an LCD projector with screen and sound system as well
writing boards, so you can communicate at the workshops using different presentations
visual solutions and suitable music, according to different needs.

The regular price of an individual workshop is 4,000 rsd per person, which includes a free one

registration fee for a special event, which is held after each cycle.

Workshops can also be attended modularly, i.e. without obligation to participate in a special event, at a price

of 2,500 rsd, which is valid during the promotional period.

Prices for groups are negotiated directly depending on the workshop, set of workshops and desired


If necessary, we can also create a separate course for companies, in the form of a workshop or workshop package

different topics as well as a special event for the group.

The hedonism workshop can be the prelude or conclusion of a team building or other program that is

reason for renting the hall of the ASK center.

The academy’s program is arranged by top experts and educators, who have decades of experience in

affirmation of hedonism.

You can watch a video clip from our workshop on the topic: Pairing wine and food HERE.

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