How to organize a seminar in just 7 steps

Jan 18, 2022

Whether you are organizing your first or one hundred first seminar, it is always easier when you have a checklist with steps that you can follow.

To make sure you don’t skip a step, we’ll share a checklist with you for organizing the ASK Education Center seminar.

Determine the goal of your seminar

It is very important to think about the goal and purpose of your seminar in the initial stages. Once you’ve determined that, you can slowly think about how many people will be able to attend your event or follow your live broadcast. Then, determine the profit you want to earn, so that you can calculate how much you would charge for the participation.

Make a rough budget

After the goal, it is important to have a budget so that you can continue planning. If you are unsure about some details, you can fill in certain budget lines by assumption or market research.

Choose a date

Always choose two dates – the optimal one and another one in case there is a delay.

Specify the event format

Think carefully about what the event will look like – whether it will be held live or online, or even as a hybrid event.

Find lecturers, moderators and location.

Start by finding lecturers who have participated in similar seminars or webinars. If you opt for a webinar, keep in mind that the lecturer does not have to be in the same location as you. When you determine potential lecturers, contact them and agree on the details – date, length of the lecture, their compensation …

When planning a live seminar, pay attention to the following details –

  • Location of the space – whether the space is in the city center, near hotels, garages or public transport stations
  • Space capacity – whether there is enough space and space for all participants and lecturers
  • Space infrastructure – it is very important to check that the space is equipped with all the equipment you may need

Launch the site

Your seminar site can attract participants and motivate them to sign up. Please note that you have all the information on the site as well as the contact left so that they can contact you if there are additional questions.

Make an agenda

Once you have the date and space, it’s time to put together an outline of the event. Make sure you give all the lecturers enough time to be able to give the lecture without haste as well as to make a gap between the lectures for breaks.

We hope that these practical tips will be useful for you in planning your seminars.

If you opt for live seminars, the ASK Training Center is the right location for you. Feel free to contact us – and we will help you organize seminars and plan the space.