Free nonverbal speech workshop

Jun 11, 2022

How do we read emotions based on what our body tells us? From nonverbal communication to emotional intelligence.

We believe that you all know that non-verbal communication makes up more than 60% of total communication (some say as much as 93%). Did you know that over 70% of non-verbal messages are misinterpreted?
It has been proven that people who better recognize non-verbal signs sent by others have 100% more success in life compared to people who do not have such developed non-verbal and emotional intelligence!

How do you become better at reading other people’s and their emotional states?

In this interactive workshop you will learn:

  • how to quickly assess a person’s emotional state based on non-verbal messages he sends you;
  • you will become aware of what non-verbal messages you send to others and how to turn negative signals into positive ones;
  • how only by your body language do you gain people’s trust
  • “Magic formula” how to like strangers when you meet and remember you!
  • what we were not taught in school about people (and it was necessary!) because of which we have problems in relationships with them;

If you think you already know everything about people and you never make a mistake in your assessment, this workshop will probably not help you.
However, if you are one of those who believe that they can further improve and enhance their relationships with close people and business partners or colleagues at work using non-verbal communication techniques to strengthen emotional intelligence, you are welcome!

When – 18. June from 5pm to 6pm

Where – in the premises of the KAS Education Center , Topličin Venac 11 (second floor)

Price – free entrance

Number of people – up to 30 so we can do the exercises efficiently!

Deadline for application – until Thursday 16.6. until 8 pm or until the seats are filled

Your task – Just sign up by clicking on and come in the mood to learn and have fun!